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Responsible Travel

Phuson Travel Co., Ltd philosophy of our business is We  committed to create a style of travel in order to We can take care of environmentally, culturally responsible. Our local tour guides have been trained in Tourism University, so they know what should do and should not do as well  We belief that small group journey will allow for more genuine experiences with local people and environments and allow us to avoid the offensive traits of mass tourism we call it (Responsible & Sustainable Travel) with your participation we could aim to travel in a way that we could conserve the area where we visit and try to bring the best positive benefits to local communities. Please come to join with us and get the best value for money and enjoy truly experience…
•    We use local tour guides for your trip.
•    We support local people communities where we visit.
•    We create fund for our charity in remote area.
•    We committed to develop sustainable ecotourism.
We encourage you to support our Responsible Travel policy, that you may bring some thing positive back to our communities where we visit.