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VietNam Travel News
Ban Flower Festival (17-03-2018 )
Since 2014, Ban Flower Festival has become an annual event held in Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien Province in the middle of March. It’s associated with celebrating the opening activity of Dien Bien Phu Campaign (13 March 1954).

Do không gọi cả tô canh mà chỉ gọi chén canh đi kèm theo dĩa cơm nên nhóm khách trên từ chối không nhận. Quá trình ăn, nhóm khách chê cơm bị nguội nên giữa hai bên bắt đầu phát sinh mâu thuẫn.

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Fried spring rolls (07-03-2018 )
 Crispy fried spring rolls are not only a traditional favourite of Vietnamese, but also listed in the top 10 best dishes on CNN travel.

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Lam Kinh Festival (02-03-2018 )
Time: The 22nd day of the eight lunar month, the death anniversary of Le Loi.
Objects of worship: King Le Thai To (Le Loi). 
Place: King Le Temple, Xuan Lam Commune, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province.
Characteristics: Ly lien singing and dancing and fair exhibition.

The festival is organized in Lam Kinh, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province, where Lam Kinh Palace, the mausoleums and tombs of the Le Kings are located here. At the Muc Son Quay, in front of the tomb area in the present-day Xuan Lam Commune, there is a small temple dedicated to King Le Thai To (or Le Loi). In the past, every three years, on the King's death anniversary on the 22nd day of the eighth lunar month, the Le Kings and other mandarins from Dong Kinh (Thang Long - Ha Noi) came here to carry out the ritual. Besides, the local residents hold an annual festival to commemorate the hero at this temple

Besides the sacrifices- offering ceremony, incense offering rite and other rituals like in many festivals throughout the country, in Lam Kinh Festival, there were ly lien (or ri ren) singing and dances and other performances. Many couples of young boys and girls, hand in hand, danced and sang and performed the game "planting flowers" and "plaiting flowers". Later, these performances were replaced by the ca cong and hue tinh singings and the performances of some stories of Binh Ngo pha tran and Chu hau lai trieu. In the festival, there was also the performance of bronze drums. The festival was attended not only by the Kinh (Viet) people but also other ethnic minorities in Thanh Hoa. On the occasion, they brought and sold in the festival a lot of their forest and native products (bee's honey, aloe wood, cinnamon, mushroom, cat's ear, herbs, etc.) to form a bustling market.

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The Bulgaria Rose Festival with Friends 2018 will take place at the West Lake Water Park, Ha Noi, from March 8 to 11, for the second time, to mark the 68th anniversary of Viet Nam-Bulgaria diplomatic ties.